Vanilia by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Vanilia has a deceptively modest presentation. Packaged in the same navy blue box as all the niche firm’s other scents, Vanilia packs quite a punch upon opening its heptagonal gold-capped bottle. The top note is of a consuming, addictively trashy suntan lotion that fills the air and refuses to dissipate. It’s the kind of smell that one believes would emanate from orange teenagers on the Jersey Shore.

After that, though, Vanilia becomes a more engaging personality. Absorbing quickly into the skin, it starts to ooze the amber vanillic notes for which it is named, like fresh-baked frosting straight from the cinnabon to your finger. So far, one would expect it to be a young women’s fragrance. But given even more time, Vanilia morphs into a smoky, resinous scent analogous to classic Hollywood starlets with cigarette holders.

For a perfume based primarily on one note, Vanilia erupts into a symphony of scents. And it contains not only different notes, but conveys entirely different moods to go along with them. From the beach to the bakery to the ballroom, Vanilia democratically appeal to everyone throughout its long-lasting day.

Unfortunately this charismatic gourmand has been discontinued, but can be obtained via eBay.

Perfumer: Jean-Francois Laporte
Price Range: Expensive
Recommended Occasion: Any
Release Year: 1978
My Rating: 9

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