Fracas by Robert Piguet

Fracas has been described as a histrionic attention whore, the tuberose to end all tuberoses, the perfume you’d never bring home to Mom. To top that off, the word “fracas” actually means a noisy quarrel, so that implies even more of a trenchant nature. I have to say, though, that my own mother, however, is rather demure, and she finds this to be one of my least offensive fragrances.

While it is definitely lavish and loud, Fracas is a blend of tasteful white flowers: iris, gardenia, jasmine, perhaps a bit of lilac, instead of just a straight-up party-crashing tuberose. Fracas is also more than just a flowerbed: the window on the house next to it is baking cookies, giving off a delicious butter and sugar smell. Fracas remains consistent from application to drydown, so the striking rich accord at the top can be trusted not to elude you towards the end, as do many base notes.

If all that wasn’t enough to make you want to wear Fracas, it is also, mind you, the favorite fragrance of Madonna, Martha Stewart, Carolina Herrera, and even Courtney Love. It was also used to scent the air at Alexander McQueen’s funeral.

All this said, people will look at you when you wear Fracas, but not in a scolding manner. It is lush, smells natural, and indicates an exuberant sexuality without coming off as cheap or ridiculous. This tuberose is not a loose woman; she is merely a desirable extrovert who likes to go out dancing once in a while.

Fracas was created by one of the first female perfumers, Germaine Cellier, in 1948, and hasn’t been destroyed by reformulation.

Perfumer: Germaine Cellier
Price Range: Moderately Expensive
Recommended Occasion: Dressy
Release Year: 1948
My Rating: 10

*Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle is also a huge tuberose, except it is more carnal and less ladylike than Fracas.

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  1. formaggio says:

    I was recently surprised, smelling Fracas again, by its sweetness.

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