Habanita by Molinard

Habanita immediately struck me as not smelling much like perfume. It smells just like a cigar. And if you were to agree with me, you’d be right, because it was originally designed to scent cigarettes. This is not unusual, because many perfumers design product scents as well. I don’t know how frequently this occurs, but lucky for Molinard, Habanita was released as a perfume in 1924.

Bitter, woody, and full of a smug, laconic kind of bombast, Habanita smells at first like the bourbon in a cigar room. That being said, it isn’t initially pleasant. If you wait half an hour, though (and for a while I didn’t want to) Habanita’s heart notes emerge, and they are nice. Comforting, even. There is a sprinkle of baby powder dipped into the main bitter galbanum leather accord, and plenty of vanilla as well. If you have a good nose, you will pick up on the very faint rose in the background. Frankly, Habanita is agreeable. It is like the laid-back girlfriend who sits beside her man in a smoking house as he talks politics.

Habanita is also, I believe, an anachronism, so I would place both parties in a Madison Avenue art deco building with slicked-back hair and pillbox hats.

Price Range: Relatively Inexpensive
Recommended Occasion: Any
Release Year: 1924
My Rating: 9

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2 Responses to Habanita by Molinard

  1. formaggio says:

    Habanita reminds me of one of those great works of art that was once heralded as a new way of doing things, but after many years still stands as its own monument. In fact, I don’t know if Habanita has any such history, but it does seem to suggest a world of possibilities, without the possibilities often having materialized. On the contrary, many perfumes still act out empty exhibitionist dramas, with too-familiar characters, and never land on anything of substance.
    In sparing applications Habanita is one of the most wearable of fragrances.
    I don’t know how many perfume lovers would have noticed that gunpowders can smell sweet. Habanita’s unique scent, sweetness, and powderiness have made me think, mostly in an abstract sense, of gunpowder. But that has nothing to do with my fondness for Habanita!

  2. Scentsate says:

    I agree with all that, especially the part about it being wearable. I have worn it to clubs before. It is distinctive and I always get compliments.

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