Organic India Tulsi Jasmine Tea

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I found this tea in the organic section of Hyvee supermarket. It isn’t delicious, but maybe the point here is more about nutrition than taste. It’s gluten-free and contains organic chamomile (immune system benefits), tulsi (“holy basil” for Hindu traditional/religious use, circulatory and nervous system benefits), anise (more immune system benefits), and jasmine (antiseptic benefits) If you’re one to practice holistic medicine, you’ve hit the jackpot here.

The most noteworthy thing about this tea is its heavily indolic smell. Natural jasmine smells like body odor because it contains compounds called indoles that also occur naturally in the human intestine. Tulsi Jasmine tastes like regular green tea, but the heavy, urinous (I’m not kidding) odor not only proves that Organic India values function over form but also makes me believe that they’re using only the most natural of jasmines.

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