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Much as I wanted to, I haven’t been a fan of Earl Grey tea for most of my life. But the noble story behind it makes me feel as though sitting in a chair next to the window, sipping it while reading Oscar Wilde would make me a better person. I went to a friend’s house recently and saw a colorful box of Stash tea sitting in the cupboard. “It’s ok, you can drink it, my roommate won’t notice,” he said.

Before my experience with the (formerly unbeknownst to me) ubiquitous Stash variety, I hadn’t known that bergamot was a main ingredient in Earl Grey. Every other version I tried, perhaps following the tacit maxim that “classy” is often synonymous with “unpleasant,” tasted like dry tobacco and dust. Stash Earl Grey is greased with real bergamot and holds its oily texture in the cup. It also tastes like lavender and smells wonderful. The box says it’s a blend of Ceylon, Assam, and Yunnan black teas. Drink it hot. Buy at Walmart.

*As of this post, I couldn’t find a picture compliant with my computer’s security settings. Sorry. the package is purple just so you know. Check out

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7 Responses to Stash Earl Grey Tea

  1. Undina says:

    My two current favorites for Earl Grey teas are No 55 Lord Bergamot from Smith and Samovar Earl Grey Organic Black Tea from Samovar. But, of course, they are in a completely different category compared to Stash. It’s like comparing Calvin Klein Beauty and Amouage Gold on the premise of both being floral compositions 😉

    • Scentsate says:

      Those look like something I’d never see in the dorms. I’ll have to put them in the high class things to try category. Thanks!

  2. Sigrun says:

    Hi! Stash tea isn’t sold here as far as I know but it makes me think of another luxury brand of tea, Kusmi, that everyone who’s into tea here swears by. It’s originally a Russian brand and I don’t know how many times I’ve been about to buy a tin, then look at the price tag and decide that there are other, more important, things to prioritize. But now I feel really inspired to get myself a tin and try it out 🙂

  3. formaggio says:

    I’m a coffee drinker, but I have some Twinings teas. Their Earl Grey is loaded with bergamot, if that’s Scentsate’s thing when it comes to tea. Their Lady Grey is something of a tea/citrus perfume, and is the one I would suggest for a try.
    I also have Twinings’ Green and Prince of Wales teas. Either one of those would be my own choice when I feel like tea.
    So, I guess the points of this comment are, good for me, and that I’m not sure about looking for Stash teas.

  4. formaggio says:

    My thanks and best wishes to the commenter who mentioned Kusmi Tea.
    Kusmi Samovar tea has been a revelation.
    Scentsate readers may not care to know, but the tea is reminiscent of a long gone first-rate pipe tobacco, Balkan Sobranie White Label.

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