Ski Queen Gjetost Cheese

*Photo from OldDutchStore

I wasn’t skeptical when my dad presented me with this sweet, caramel colored Norwegian cheese from the German market one day. (I took it to my dorm one time in college and nobody would touch it because its brown.) It is made by boiling milk, cream, and whey together, and the heat caramelizes the milk sugar. The broader category of this cheese is called brunost, but this one is the goat cheese variant and is called Gjetost. (source: Wikipedia, the fruit of the everyman’s wisdom)

It’s a hard cheese, unusual for goat cheese, and is both sweet and bready at the same time. Imagine if you put sugar in beer. It would taste unusual, but your first instinct might not be to denigrate the taste of whoever recommended it to you. Think of Gjetost the same way. I recommend it on crackers that don’t have much of a taste so that you can savor its originality. I don’t think it would be good in salad, though.

My quest for a photo led me to this old New York Times article extolling the virtues of Gjetost.

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