Blue Diamond Pepper Jack Nut Thins

Another one of my favorite types of cheese, besides Gjetost, is Pepper Jack. And what better way to eat Pepper Jack cheese than on Pepper Jack-flavored crackers? It’s a double dose of greatness, like swimming through a waterfall at the pool.

Blue Diamond makes plenty of different gluten-free, low-fat organic crackers, and they are all the same wafer shape. I’ve tried the brown Pecan Nut Thins, and they’re good but not exciting. The Pepper Jack Almond Nut Thins are, because they contain enough powdered flavor to satisfy those who are less ascetic about food. Not only that, but they really do taste like pepper jack.

(Again, I couldn’t get an image that the library computer deemed safe. See Blue Diamond’s website for details.)

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3 Responses to Blue Diamond Pepper Jack Nut Thins

  1. jill says:

    I’ve tried Blue Diamond crackers, the 100 calorie packs, and they are good. Satisfying and pretty tasty. Haven’t yet tried the pepper jack, but will based upon
    your recommendation. thanks again.

  2. formaggio says:

    The “Organic” section of a local store did not have this type, but they did have Blue Diamond Natural Pecan Nut-Thins Nut & Rice Cracker Snacks. Very good.

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