Aimez Moi by Caron

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Aimez Moi is one of those perfumes that’s beautiful and hard to pin down. (In this case, the previous sentence is a cliche that happens to be true, but it would also make conceptually successful copy by appealing to women who’d like to be the same way.) One of Caron’s newer (1996) offerings, it means “Love Me.”

Aimez Moi is classified as a “soft floral” in Michael Edwards’ taxonomy, under the “rich/profund” section. Perfume Smellin’ Things and The Book also rate it as soft and feminine. It is composed of very feminine notes on an individual scale, but the overall effect to me is more interesting than that. I’m reviewing the parfum, so that might make a difference.

There’s an initial blast of menthol, a bit like the kind radiated by the less hopeful Tubereuse Criminelle. It’s interesting but a little rough for my taste.

After about 45 minutes, Aimez Moi fleshes out with a feminine but forward violet note. It becomes gradually sweeter and less aggressive as time goes on. My skin is kind of oily and eats up perfume, so I sprayed this one on clothing to delay the effect. I think this would be a good technique for everyone to appreciate the subtleties.

Aimez Moi also gets more gourmand as it progresses. There’s a wave of salty toffee, which fits in well with the currend trend of salted caramel/chocolate/whatever trend in gelato. At its base, it’s a warm vanilla-caramel.

I think of Aimez Moi’s evolution from cold/poisonous to warm/edible as an olfactive representation of how a woman is won over by a suitor. First she may respond with some clever but biting repartee as she is judging his worthiness, then she becomes flirtatious, but is still difficult to get close to. At the end she is inviting to say the least.

With its saltiness and dessertlike basenotes, Aimez Moi is a carnal perfume at the end. It’s also a smart perfume in a way that is totally befitting to its name. You have to understand the story to appreciate how the dissonant notes make sense together.

Perfumer: Dominique Ropion
Recommended Occasion: Any
Price Range: Moderately Expensive
Release Year: 1996
My Rating: 8

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2 Responses to Aimez Moi by Caron

  1. formaggio says:

    Great review. For some reason I am always surprised when a perfume featuring violet works. Here it is done beautifully, in a complex and very feminine perfume, to echo Scentsate. I thought I detected leather at one point, but that may be an effect violet has on me, or an effect of the complexity.
    I hope that the perfume name is not ironic in too many cases, because it’s possible to love a perfume and not necessarily the person wearing it.

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