Amouage Gold (Woman)

*Picture from Fragrantica

Amouage Gold was the crowning achievement of perfumer Guy Robert, whose counter to perfume conceptualists was that “a fragrance must smell good.” A simple statement in theory, but it’s masterful considering how it cuts through all the marketing circumvention that’s far more common than a perfume worthy of it. Amouage Gold is simple too, in that it layers an array of flowers, a forest of woods, a cupboard of spices and a club full of animalics into a fragrance that is the sum of them all and yet as singular a note as its components. I avoided writing this review for a long time because I couldn’t pick notes out to write about. That’s my fault though: this is one of those cases where it’s a perfume’s virtue to not allow the reviewer to pluck accords out of it like a game of Operation.

Other perfumes.

Amouage Gold.

Amouage Gold is powdery and oily at the same time: it has more choice than an earthly flower. It’s sweet, but the myrrh and frankincense balance that out too. Like the puritan version of Heaven, it’s calibrated to avoid any kind of excess. I sprayed it on and thought “ambrosia.” No kidding. I really did. I liked how I described Amouage Gold in my Ubar review, so I’ll use my quote again here: “Amouage Gold is a preternaturally luscious piece of St. Peter’s gate that only gained momentum as it fell down to Earth.”

Which means that, in visual form, it would be a cross between this beach:

…..and this apartment.

*Source: “The Boom Boom Apartment” in New York Magazine.

Perfumer: Guy Robert
Price Range: Very Expensive
Recommended Occasion: Dressy
Release Year: 1983
My Rating: 10

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7 Responses to Amouage Gold (Woman)

  1. Abby says:

    I love your images and the remembrances they call to mind.
    I also enjoy your sense of humor and your writing.
    I am off to find, and try, Amouage Gold, not in small part because your review makes
    me curious and wanting….

  2. sydney anne says:

    I like this review. It’s really different. Kudos to you for relating a game of Operation and an apartment from New York Magazine to the same post.

  3. formaggio says:

    Some really interesting and appropriate phrases in this review.
    Amouage Gold is one for the list beginning, “If you were to own only one ….” Adding it to such a list would knock a few other florals off the list.
    Amouage Gold is so good it can be thought of as either a lesson for all of us, or unfair competition.

  4. formaggio says:

    Thanks for the reply.
    I’m not happy with parts of my above comment. The fourth sentence is presumptive, and a mess. I don’t know if Amouage Gold provides a ‘lesson’ for us ‘all,’ and can only speak for myself.

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