Secolari (Bethesda, MD)

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Secolari, a family-run store that sells natural pasta, vinegar, and olive oil, has been open in Bethesda for almost a year. It’s right on the main street (Bethesda Row for out-of-towners.) There’s also one in Columbia Mall in Howard County. As far as I’d known, New York City was the only place that offered this kind of culinary specialization. And now I think NYC would do well to have a Secolari available.

Secolari’s owners go to shows in California to meet with farmers and vineyard owners from whom they buy products. The pasta is sourced from a company in Denver, and comes in flavors like tomato basil and dark chocolate. I bought a package of the tomato basil, and it’s delicious. You can also buy gluten-free varieties. Even better are the vinegar offerings: you can get vinegar in flavors like garlic, orange, and rosemary. I bought a dark raspberry balsamic vinaigrette too, for salad dressing. The berries they use to flavor them are grown organically.

In the interest of natural food and small business, I’d recommend Secolari if you have some extra money for pasta. And while you’re at it, check out all the other shops on Bethesda Row. They’re expensive, but most of them are independently-owned and high-quality. It makes me happy that the more coveted a neighborhood is, the more small stores are able to thrive in it. That’s a counterintuitive thing, and it’s great.

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