Alero Mexican Restaurant (Washington DC)

I’ve always had a fondness for good Mexican food. Honestly I think it would be hard to beat the baseline quality of Chipotle, but sometimes they give you frozen food and the people working in the line are rude. I wanted to go somewhere I could sit and be served, which had horchata on the menu. I’ll tell you now that Alero doesn’t, but it redeems itself in the end. Keep reading.

The first thing I got was chips and salsa in place of bread, which is common. Everything was fresh. Alero is now decked out in full Halloween regalia, including cobwebs, spiders, lots of skeletons hanging off the walls, and a neon lizard in the corner. My entree was a vegetable enchilada, well cooked with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and melted cheese on top. I got the standard refried beans, rice (delicious in a Rice a Roni way), guacamole, sour cream, and salsa on the side. The ratio of each was divided into pretty even fourths: 1/4 beans, 1/4 rice, 1/4 enchiladas, and the guacamole, sour cream, and salsa confined to thirds on the last fraction of the plate.

The waiters said the best dish is their Tres Leche (three milk) cake from Nicaragua. It came on a big plate with chocolate syrup drizzled over it. The three milks are condensed milk, powdered milk, and regular milk. It’s delicious. It has an unusual wet, spongy texture with the milk coming from the pores. It’s like a cake version of horchata.

My Rating: 7
Recommended Dish: Tres Leche Cake
Atmosphere: There’s a small bar, but I was there for lunch. It’s a relaxed place with small tables where people can go anytime.
Price Range: $15-$30
Clientele: Anyone

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