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I come to Tryst Coffeehouse to write some of my reviews. In fact, I’m here right now. It’s in Adams Morgan, right across from Mellow Mushroom, and is pretty much the same idea, except with coffee instead of pizza. It’s always (always!) full.

The menu is its own twist on traditional foods like tomato soup (they put gouda in it), apple and Brie, sandwiches, hummus, tea, and some ethnic food. I’ve had a lot of what’s on the menu. Right now I’m eating their Mediterranean tartlet, with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, kalamata olives, and thyme with a side of fruit salad. It has eggs and cheese and a flaky crust that is a little bit on the sweet side. It’s one of their best items. I ordered the Masala chai for tea, which could be a little hotter but is always well-mixed. It’s black tea with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger.

Other things I’ve ordered are the Stephanie (a veggie burger); Jack and Edith (green apple and brie on bread: too heavy on the bread and not enough on the cheese); and the Persian Nectar (earl grey tea with peaches: clever and healthy).

I should say that everything they serve here is well-proportioned. That being said, I think Tryst could be a bit cheaper considering we Americans are used to full plates the size of a steering wheel, but the food here is filling enough for its tasteful serving size.

The desserts and cocktails look great. I haven’t had either, but today I ordered a chocoloate silk tofu tart to review. It’s an unusual grainy, dark chocolate with a vegan oreo crust and powdered bittersweet chocolate topping. It’s delightful.

Summation: Come for the atmosphere. Keep trying the food until something sticks.

My Rating: 7
Recommended Dish: Mediterranean Tartlet
Atmosphere: Busy. Fast service. Hip music in the background (right now it’s old-school Destiny’s Child and Brandy). Lots of sofas.
Price Range: $5-$25
Clientele: Lots of arty people, students, and writers, ages 21-40.

*The Washington Post beat me to the punch.

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2 Responses to Tryst Coffeehouse (Washington DC)

  1. Abby says:

    I enjoy these food reviews and this one is terrific.
    I’m new to the area, and this gives me reason to try Tryst. I like the coffeehouse
    atmosphere and the food/drink selection sounds great.
    Thanks for another. Your reviews are so reliable and balanced.

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