Dr Oetker Pizza Quattro Formaggi


I’m going to preface this review by saying that the vast majority of frozen dinners really freak me out. Especially frozen pizza. I don’t know if that’s about how it looks before you cook it; like a cardboard piece with Play-Doh pieces stuck to it or what. But this, THIS my friends, is not your Lean Cuisine or DiGiorno’s.

Dr. Oetker’s frozen Ristorante pizzas were on sale for $2 each at Weis Markets when I first tried them. Generally they’re around $5, still less than your average lunch at Chipotle. Dr. Oetker’s has other Pizza Ristorante flavors: mozzarella, mushroom, vegetable, but this one is by far the most distinctive. Quattro Formaggi has mozzarella, edam, emmental, and blue cheese. While mozzarella is standard, edam is a Dutch cheese that I had to look up, (it’s similar to Gouda), emmental (a Swiss cheese), and blue cheese. I was so stoked to see blue cheese actually on a pizza, in significant amounts, that I didn’t realize at first how cool it is to include two European cheeses that I hadn’t even heard of next to it. And the crust is thin, unusual in a take-home pizza. It tastes good whether it’s cooked lightly or cooked crisp with a brown crust.

I can honestly say, without getting any compensation from Dr. Oetker, that their pizza is better than about 75% of pizzas I’ve had in restaurants. And it’s 900 calories, which is less than half the calories found in an entree at Bertucci’s. Locate any of their 5 offerings, especially this one, and enjoy.

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  1. jill says:

    I’m so happy that you wrote this review! I’ve been enjoying this brand of pizza for a couple of years now, and I mention it to friends every chance I get. You’re right – the cheese is generous and delicious and the crust way better than some other pizza crusts, store bought or frozen. I also love the Dr. Oetker’s veggie choice. Actually they are all quite good.

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