Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery

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There’s one of these in downtown Bethesda. I hadn’t known it was a chain, but it makes sense. You have the ironic name (Overview page “We like to say that life begins when you hit Rock Bottom.”) and homemade bar food juxtaposed with sprawling buildings on streets that a real rock bottom bar couldn’t touch.

The mainstream version of Rock Bottom is pretty good. You can get craft beer for cheaper than usual, in hearty flavors like Kolsch and India Pale Ale. Your reviewer’s tastes veer more towards dark beer, of which they recently had a wonderful variation with the name Scottish in it.

The food is also pretty good. I got a massive Caesar salad with decent lettuce, liberally applied parmesan and a load of delicious dressing. The anchovy paste is what makes Caesar dressing amazing, and their version has plenty of it. The macaroni and cheese is also well-baked and made crunchy with breadcrumbs. The veggie burger was okay, but not as good as Jack & Zach’s or even Shake Shack’s. But the main problem is that the food is way overpriced. Come here for the beer and hang out with your friends, just like their backstory suggests.

My Rating: 6.5
Recommended Dish: One of the $6 craft beers
Atmosphere: Upscale pub
Price Range: $10-$35
Clientele: Not rock bottom

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