Manny and Olga’s Pizza


For an alternative to Domino’s and other offenders, you might try Manny and Olga’s if you’re in the Washington DC area. This burgeoning chain is delicious and affable.

I used to pop in every day for lunch when I worked in Bethesda. The pizza is fresh, with a medium-thickness crust, and the cheese is higher quality than you’d expect. You also get very little superfluous grease. I don’t know what the subs are like, but I know M&O isn’t greedy with their ingredients so it certainly won’t be threadbare. You can also get a passable rice pudding there.

Manny and Olgas’ delivers like fast pizza, smells like fast pizza, and has all the essential qualifications of such, but goes above and beyond to make sure you go there because you like it, not because it’s convenient.

My Rating: 7.5
Recommended Dish: Pizza
Atmosphere: Delivery, so you’ll have nowhere to sit. But the guys who work there are fun to talk to.
Price Range: $12-$20
Clientele: They say they’ve served the White House. Awesome!

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2 Responses to Manny and Olga’s Pizza

  1. abby says:

    It is so great that you reviewed this wonderful little pizza place, Joan.
    I agree completely. I usually get the cheese or a veggie sometimes, but I have
    never been unhappy with the pizza. They are fast and it is good, and reasonably
    priced. And the people behind the counter seem happy to be working there, which
    is also nice. Thanks.

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