Cocoa Tuberose by Providence Perfume Company


I read about Cocoa Tuberose over at EauMG. I know there are plenty of notes that haven’t been paired together, but surprisingly I’d never thought of cocoa and tuberose. Tuberose is, of course, my favorite note of all time. The idea that someone would mix it with chocolate is fascinating. The concept is like 100% Love taken to an even higher level of exuberance. I wrote to Providence Perfume Company requesting some samples, and they arrived quickly and were packaged with care.

Cocoa Tuberose is a wonderfully rich scent, and the effect is more earthy than sexual. That’s not a surprise when you read the site. Providence Perfume Company perfumes are made of 100% natural ingredients, which owner/perfumer Charna Ethier uses as both a reminder of her countryside childhood and a change from her past work in the corporate beauty world. She makes a point of saying that natural perfumes are less overwhelming, which can be good or bad for me depending on the day.

Cocoa Tuberose opens with a strong dark cocoa note, that smells exactly like a pot of dark liquid chocolate when it’s cooking. It’s the most legitimate chocolate note I’ve ever smelled in a perfume. It gets more bitter a few minutes in, as if the chocolate has cooled. There’s great temperature play, and the fact that the same note can be made to evoke warmth and then brusqueness is awesome.

The tuberose is quiet and secondary, which is unusual. I can smell the tonka bean pretty distinctively in the heart though. The sweet tobacco is blended well and is hard to distinguish from the chocolate. But you’ll notice it if you pay attention. Later on, Cocoa Tuberose starts to smell like a very good cigar. The vetiver note comes out at the base and is a surprising conclusion.

While Cocoa Tuberose smells very natural, it also manages to smell comforting and expensive. This is another heartwarming case in which eco-friendly small businesses gain recognition: Charna Ethier was nominated for a Fifi Award, the perfumery version at The Oscars.

Perfumer: Charna Ethier
Price Range: Expensive
Recommended Occasion: Any
Release Year: 2009
My Rating: 7.5

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2 Responses to Cocoa Tuberose by Providence Perfume Company

  1. formaggio says:

    The decaying seedpods of one of the leguminous trees, with their rancid smell, are a problem for grounds keepers trying to keep things decent. A similar smell confronted me at the outset of Cocoa Tuberose. After that I was pretty well shot for awhile as far as appreciating this one. Later on I got the vetiver, with citrus, and a tonka that smelled closer to vanilla. Patchouli thickens the perfume’s effects.
    There are certain trends in perfumery that I haven’t been able to like in most examples of them, and I wish my first experience with Providence was not this.

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