Muted Grays and Prismatic Paintings

Here’s some more faces I painted in Color Theory. They also look like other things I’ve seen.

Check it out:

Muted Colors Assignment

Many Colors  
Joan's Pics 052

looks like Littlefoot’s mother from The Land Before Time
Littlefoot__s_mother_2_by_Threehorn(from Threehorn on deviantart)

High Resolution (light colors)
Joan's Pics 053

I can’t pinpoint it, but it looks like an old carnival painting I saw faded on a wall one time.

Similar Colors
Joan's Pics 054

I gave that one to my dad for Christmas. It looks like Birdo from Super Mario 2:

Low Resolution
Joan's Pics 055

looks like a sky Koopa with goggles and a helmet from Super Mario RPG. I couldn’t find a picture.

Prismatic Colors Assignment

Contrasting Colors (white mixer allowed)
Joan's Pics 179

High Resolution (no white mixer allowed)
Joan's Pics 177

Low Resolution (no white mixer allowed)
Joan's Pics 178

That one’s my favorite. I gave it to my mom for Christmas and she swears it’s a male, although I don’t know why she’s so certain.

Similar Colors (white mixer allowed)
Joan's Pics 176

I’m thinking that painting faces is a subconscious exercise like the one where you’re supposed to write gobbledygook on a page and eventually your deepest feelings will come out. These paintings showed me the kinds of things I’m going around thinking about without realizing it. I did some cityscapes too. I’ll show you those soon.

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2 Responses to Muted Grays and Prismatic Paintings

  1. abby says:

    Great and fun post, Scentsate. You’re right in that it does make one think.
    I agree with your Mom that it might be male, but it really could be either.
    Very interesting and must have been a lot of work.

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