I’m 27 Today!


…..and I’m wearing this linen dress I made in class! It was my first sewing project and I pleated the whole thing. I tweeted that it’s casual couture. It took a lot of handiwork to make. My sketch was a little different than how the final product turned out:

Steeplechase 7 and 8 (linen dress sketch on the right)

but I’m loving these puffy sleeves.

Classes start tomorrow so I’m not doing much, just working out and eating Italian food. Perfume: Peche Cardinal.

Also, because I’m still obsessed with how old I am (“You’re 25? Dammit I’m 27, I’m so OLD!”) I read up a couple of essays about being 27. Here they are:

Twenty-Seven, from The Awl
The 27-Year-Old Woman, from Esquire

More views of linen dress below:

Final Projects 024

Final Projects 026….

Final Projects 027

Final Projects 016

Final Projects 028

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4 Responses to I’m 27 Today!

  1. abby says:

    Scentsate – Great post and Happy Birthday. Have a terrific year 27 and you’re off to a good start. Lovely dress and for a first, it is beautiful. I love the fabric you chose,
    the pleats and the sleeves. They look a bit different than in the sketch, but they’re awesome! Did you wear Peche Cardinal to celebrate? You have a lot going on but I look forward to your posts, anytime. Thanks.

  2. Steve says:

    I hate to tell you how old I am!!! 27 is a baby. Wow, that dress is awesome. Good job. And Peche Cardinal is the perfect scent for 27…a bit fruity but getting more serious 🙂 Happy Birthday!!!

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