The Diner (Adams Morgan, Washington DC)

DINER, the (from Yelp)

I’m also reposting this one from Party Earth. I have a store of food reviews from places I used to live that I want to get out of my system. (By that I mean both the reviews and the places.)

The Diner in Adams Morgan is similar to other diners in that it’s open all night and there’s an assortment of unusual people sitting in it. When I went there at 2 PM, I was sitting next to two middle-aged women in wheelchairs who were reading science fiction. When I went there at 2 AM after the bars closed I remember less clearly who was there, but I know that there were an awful lot of people and I’m pretty sure the food was no worse or better than it would have been at any other hour.

The Diner is not like other diners because the vibe, as it tries to become more hip by means of updated throwback hipsterism, actually becomes less so. It has the red vinyl booths, the silver bar with matching stools and appealing-looking drinks (I didn’t try the eggnog, but you should), and the friendly staff. It’s a lot like the nearby Tryst in attitude if not in menu: they serve standard American fare like sandwiches and milkshakes.

I got a peanut butter and chocolate shake and a portobello sandwich. The portobello sandwich included a lot of diced-up portobello pieces instead of one big burger-like patty. It had spinach, fried onions, peppers, and feta cheese. The dressing made it taste pleasantly sour and meaty. My peanut butter and chocolate milkshake was good and was served in a heaping portion with one of those big metal ice cream cups. It was good.

My Rating: 5.5
Recommended Dish: Milkshake
Atmosphere: Fake, but nobody ever rushes you. You and your friends can hang all night.
Price Range: $10-$30
Clientele: Students, passerby, and mainstays during the day, drunk people streaming out of bars at night.

2453 18th St NW
Washington DC 20009
(202) 232-8800

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3 Responses to The Diner (Adams Morgan, Washington DC)

  1. abby says:

    I’ve been invited to The Diner for this weekend, and thanks for the review.
    We will probably hang out for awhile, so good comment on that. We will check prices, though, so thanks for timely tip!
    I also just noticed that to the side of your reviews, in the Amazon Perfume Store, you’ve included cookbooks that we can purchase through Great, and
    thanks so much. I love this site and (click on green bar at top of store box) Thanks.

    • Joan says:

      You’re welcome! I’m thinking about adding more cookbooks to Amazon. The American Girl cookbooks are actually great. I’m easing up on the food reviews to make room for fashion writing on here, but I’ll always love reading food reviews and recipes.

      I still pitch food reviews to magazines though. Pardon my language, but trying to be a professional writer is a bitch.

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