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This is my first fashion review ever! I just bought this Juicy Couture tracksuit and I’m so happy with it that I was inspired to tell you. It fits wonderfully, I can wear it every day, and I felt really glam as I was doing unhip things this morning like getting coffee and picking up my hard drive from my old computer. I’ve always thought that a Juicy Couture tracksuit is a middlebrow wardrobe staple, like a Lacoste polo shirt and Adriano Goldschmied jeans.

I also wrote this review in circumstantial defense of kitsch style over avant-garde substance. When I told my class that I went to Juicy (lead-in: we were talking about trendy colors and I mentioned that they make tracksuits in this season’s pale orchid shade, which Juicy calls Heliotrope) the teacher disdainfully said “Does Juicy still exist?” and then some girls in the class were saying things like Juicy is too expensive for what their quality is. I was kind of embarrassed, like I’m a Seventeen-magazine-reading philistine stuck in the ’90s while everyone else has grown up to embrace humorless brands like Helmut Lang.

But the first step towards becoming a standout success in any field is to trust your own judgement. Juicy Couture makes an excellent target for culture snobs because it’s twee. But their quality is great. I bought a pair of wool pants from them at Bloomingdale’s years ago, and those are still some of the best wool pants I’ve seen at that price point. Juicy has also turned out at least one good perfume.

This tracksuit is thick, plush velour made from 78% cotton and 22% polyester. I’m wearing the Relaxed Jacket in Velour and the Original Pant in Velour. Like I said, I just bought it, but the seams are well-reinforced and the drawstring closures so well-arranged that I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it. (I don’t know much about the terrycloth tracksuits, but I plan to avoid them.)

Here’s a closer look at the seams:

drawstring pants top

pant hem

zipper on jacket: notice binded edges

drawstring at hood

Usually each piece would run you over $100, but I got the pants on sale for $29.99 and the jacket for $37.49.

My gripe is with their aesthetic. Now that’s a cliché thing to say, especially since Juicy’s business is based on making clothes that Barbie would wear. But still, I think they could add more classic colors to their oeuvre like brick red, dark green, and eggplant purple to supplement the obligatory Rainbow Brite selection. In particular they sell a lot of pale colors, which are hard to wear every day in the way most people casually throw on a tracksuit.

The cuts can also be tough to wear. The Relaxed Jacket is by far the best-fitting hoodie I own, but I couldn’t zip up their Original Jacket and lift my arms without showing everybody the freckles on my ribs. I don’t know how anyone else can either. It doesn’t help that some of their best colors are only offered in this style. My favorite color in their selection is the Port Wine, but I couldn’t wear that jacket without getting frostbite in my navel.

I actually like their bedazzles -crests, rhinestones, scottie dogs and the like- in moderation. And contrary to popular opinion most of their tracksuits don’t have those embellishments. I didn’t see any pants with Juicy spelled out across the ass. But there is a style that has back pockets with metal rivets, and that doesn’t fly with me. I think it looks cool, but if I’m wearing a tracksuit I want it to be comfortable and not like I’m sitting on loose change.

But my point is that if you’re an adult woman looking for a tracksuit you can wear all the time, Juicy Couture has them. The tracksuit sale is still going on, and I’m going to be a repeat customer.

Price Range: Moderate
Recommended Occasion: Very Casual
Market: cutesy teens to mid-20s
My Rating: 8.5

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  1. abby says:

    Wow! What an awesome fashion review and if this is a first for you, keep going with it! There is nothing uncovered and no question I haven’t even thought of which you
    left unanswered. And I’m happy to read this about Juicy Couture as well, because it isn’t the first place I’d think of when looking for a tracksuit, but I will certainly look there now, and while the sale is going on. The suit looks great on you. Scentsate, as always, thanks.

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