Thierry Mugler Rainbow Dress & Jacket, SS 1990

You know what I want to wear?

thierry mugler rainbow dress

That’s a Thierry Mugler dress from spring/summer 1990. Mugler was known for his cinched waists, big shoulders, and appropriate reflection of 1980s braggadocio.

My assignment was to find clothes from the 20th century that reflect the attitudes of the decade they’re from. I said that the colorful clothes of the 1920s flappers and the 1960s hippies were expressing counterculture values, i.e. feminists celebrating suffrage (yay!) and young people rebelling against the war and supporting the civil rights movement. But in the 80s, as I understand it, largeness was mainstream. Large bank accounts thanks to the thriving stock market and large egos for similar reasons. Exercise and ambition were in. And what better way to demonstrate your ambition than by wearing that?

More views:
Pictures 237

Pictures 238

Pictures 240 (all from DECADES INC.)

Even more views:

images5AQ347KI (from




261_1372202136_3 (all from Sorry, sold out.)

And if you want to take it even further, Mugler also made this:

2dcc7740b07ad71c95bb706abc1ae23a (from pinterest)

To be worn with a hefty dose of Dior’s Poison.

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2 Responses to Thierry Mugler Rainbow Dress & Jacket, SS 1990

  1. abby says:

    Great review and wonderful photos. I think that any woman wearing this would exude confidence. And what a statement she’d make. An outfit I think would look
    lovely on you, Scentsate. A pleasure to read and a treat for the eye. Thanks.

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