Phoenix Botanicals Night Bloom, Saffron Veil, Zephyr

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So I have three samples of the great new natural perfume line Phoenix Botanicals, courtesy of owner/perfumer Irina Adam at Sniffapalooza. Irina started her Etsy store in 2010, which also has skincare and lip balm. She worked with herbal specialists in Brooklyn to learn which natural ingredients are best for what purposes. From there, she’s been featured on Fashionista, NYLON magazine’s blog, and even French Vogue.

Saffron Veil is my favorite of the trio. It’s a sunny, lush fragrance which teeters on foodie but doesn’t cross that line. The tag notes on Etsy are saffron, tuberose, magnolia, smoke, and green floral.

I like saffron scents anyway, but this one is particularly easy to wear. It opens as a bright earthy saffron floral. The saffron is strong from beginning to end. I’m pretty sure I smell citrus too even though it isn’t included. As the fragrance moves forward it gets muskier. I’d say the florals are more magnolia than tuberose or green. Overall Saffron Veil has the effect of a really hot day in a flower garden.

The overall effect is lighthearted. This isn’t a femme fatale scent. The wearer might have on something like this:

original (from

It would be better if the dress were short, but that was the best example I could find.

Rating: 8

Night Bloom is a big, musty, musky jasmine, like Victoria at Eau MG says. It also has orange blossom, but to me it smells like a wild bouquet of flowers. This one is a femme fatale fragrance, maybe for someone a little mature.

mrs. robinson

Rating: 6.5

Zephyr was hard for me to figure out, which is why it took so long for me to post this review. When I put it on I got a milky woody scent, which makes me think sandalwood. I also smelled gardenia and neroli. I was at least partially right, because the notes listed on Etsy are neroli, gardenia, Hawaiian white ginger, and it’s a romantic floral. It’s meant to remind you of breezes coming from different places and the longing they might carry with them. If you’ve ever stood at the top of a mountain like this and looked out, with a little bit of a breeze in the background, then you know what I mean.


To me Zephyr smells good, and it does sort of smell like summer breeze after reading the copy. That’s a great name, because Zephyr literally means a breeze from the west. (Source: Merriam-Webster) Maybe I’m just not a romantic breeze kinda gal- I like my sexy scents unsubtle and non-profound.

Rating: 6.5

Perfumer: Irina Adam
Price Range: Relatively Inexpensive
Recommended Occasion: Any

Ca Fleure Bon reviews a lot of Phoenix Botanicals’ fragrances.

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11 Responses to Phoenix Botanicals Night Bloom, Saffron Veil, Zephyr

  1. formaggio says:

    After reading this review I went through the link to Phoenix Botanicals. For the price I was able to let my curiosity get the better of me, and I ordered Saffron Veil, and also Linden Moon. I can always pass them along to appropriate wearers.
    Scentsate reviews are honest and to the point. Helpful.

  2. abby says:

    As a perfume novice, I appreciate formaggio’s comment, and whole-heartedly agree.
    I learn something every time I read a Scentsate review, and I’ve come to trust the content. It is understandable and written in a lovely way. Another plus is that the photography and pictures on this site are beautiful and so well chosen for each review. Thanks.

  3. formaggio says:

    Phoenix Botanicals Meadow & Fir is a mild pine that is preferable to the many penetrating pine fragrances I have come across. I mention just what is to me an overall impression. There’s more going on, of course, especially with a natural fragrance – all those molecules.

    Linden Moon Botanical Perfume Oil may be more of a trip to the underworld than a moonlight walk. Powerful ingredients (listed on Etsy), including jasmine, patchouli, and the linden, thrash about. I found it interesting, and educational, especially with regard to the possibilities of linden. … When I went to it for comparison I was surprised to find that my sample of linden blossom absolute had turned to a hard black tar that smelled somewhat like whiskey. And when it comes to smelling linden in bloom I’m not sure, at present, which species to look for. I should be able to find basswood, but any effort in that direction may not be relevant to what perfumers use.

  4. formaggio says:

    Saffron Veil Botanical Perfume Oil
    I just re-read what Scentsate has to say. Agree. Saffron Veil gave me the most pleasurable perfume first-encounter I have had in awhile.

    Triple Vanilla Botanical Perfume Oil
    Clever to do this. It’s common to hear people say they like vanilla scents, or vanilla this or that. I’ll have to remember to mention Triple Vanilla, which pretty much sets the mark for vanilla scents.

  5. formaggio says:

    Zephyr Botanical Perfume Oil
    It’s good that the ingredients are listed on Etsy, because it gives someone like me a compass. I had fun finding the ingredients (or notes). What matters is that this is a beautiful floral perfume, given a serious tone by opopanax.

    Night Bloom Botanical Perfume Oil
    A beautiful oriental perfume designed without musk. Because of that there are fine, unique effects.

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