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Code Deco is a unique Singapore-based perfume company that started last year under perfumer and founder Gauri Garodia. She presented her jazz-based fragrance collection at Spring Fling Sniffapalooza. The concept is great: it’s such a hard thing to relate scent to anything else, let alone another fleeting sensation like music. Even better, the fragrances are good.

A Minor is designed for men. It has that distinguished feel of aftershave, although aftershave usually has the notes arranged differently and with lower quality ingredients. Here’s the note list from Code Deco’s beautifully designed website: pink pomelo, bergamot, plum, prune, clove madagascar, cinnamon bark, bay leaf, geranium, vetiver haiti, amber, red sandalwood, musk

A Minor opens up as a dark, spicy citrus. I get the cinnamon and clove as an abstraction more than stark notes that stand out. The citrus is coming from the pink pomelo, a citrus fruit originating in Southeast Asia. The bergamot manages not to be too bright, but jaunty nonetheless. It’s strong. It could be a better version of Old Spice.

The vetiver is the main note. It comes in after a few minutes and holds through the heart and the base of the fragrance, accented by the sandalwood. It remains sharp for a while. I don’t know much about jazz, but I went to a jazz concert once and I’m getting a similar mood from A Minor. The guy it personifies would definitely like exuberant, loosely-structured music in a cozy room. I usually find vetiver a bit dry, but this fragrance is brimming with good humor.

The drydown is musky and the sandalwood stands out more, but vetiver is still the main player. It has great lasting power and is better sprayed on clothes. I think a lot of guys would like to wear A Minor on a regular basis. It has the familiar qualities of men’s fragrance: vetiver, spices, not many florals, but it’s friendly and high-quality enough to stand out anyway. A Minor isn’t reinventing the wheel, but it’s a top-shelf everyday perfume for affable guys with good taste.

Perfumer: Gauri Garodia
Price Range: Very Expensive
Recommended Occasion: Any
Release Year: 2013
My Rating: 7.5

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2 Responses to A Minor by Code Deco

  1. formaggio says:

    This is a fine, informative review. As the review suggests, it is worthwhile to go through the link to the Code Deco website. The prices are high, but I don’t know what to make of perfume prices recently. If the perfumes are great, I pay.
    The jazz concept is interesting to think about. It does make A Minor lively. But I’ll be a little less generous than Scentsate. I think that A Minor, which is quite nice, might benefit from more focus, and probably fewer notes. (I’m not trying to be clever with that.)
    Scentsate makes the case for the dominance of vetiver in A Minor. Well, yes, but there’s a lot of overlay. I don’t know what that overlay is, but it mostly reminds me of a cheap pipe tobacco, unfortunately.
    There are probably quite a few of us who make a point of having the really good vetivers. I don’t know about A Minor. … And I wouldn’t have any perfumes shipped in this hot weather!

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