TranquilaTEA (Waynesboro, PA)

So I just turned 28! Didn’t get a chance to post on my birthday, but my mom took me to an awesome tea room in Pennsylvania for a “Queen’s Tea” lunch. Here’s the place:


TranquiliTEA is near the Western MD, West Virginia, and northern VA tri-state area. I’ve lived there for a lot of my life, but for other people who are less familiar with it, this and all the Civil War history is a great place to start. Waynesboro isn’t far from Gettysburg, so have lunch and then go learn stuff.

The decorations are homey, quaint, and gorgeous. It’s owned by a mother/daughter team who’ve made it a comfortable and popular mainstay in downtown Waynesboro. Check this out:

IMG_0582 (there I am in the mirror lol)



IMG_0577 (Creepy doll!)


The first thing we ordered was the tea. They have all kinds of creative teas, some more natural than others. Some of your options are as follows:

Cherry Chocolate
Earl Grey Strawberry
French Caramel Crème Brulee
Maple Cream
Orange Vanilla Dream
Snecha Kyoto Cherry Rose
Blue Mango (has pineapple undertones)
Rooibos Gingersnap (dried ginger, spices, walnuts)

I got the Blue Bells blueberry tea, which really tasted like blueberries. Then I got the Almond Happiness tea, a delectable mix of almond, chocolate, and coconut.

Our first course was a salad and an apple potato soup. The soup looked delicious but I didn’t try any because it had chicken broth. The appetizers were good and got us prepared, health-wise, for all this sweet goodness:


Check out those finger sandwiches. White bread and dill, raisin bread, pumpernickel, cream cheese, jam. I couldn’t quite pick out the flavors in all of them but I didn’t worry about it because they were delicious.

And then the scones. Check out these scones.


With cream.


The service is great too. We also went to the gift shop and my mom bought a cookbook. Also, the Queen’s Tea is $20.95 per person. That’s cheap for any really good meal, let alone a grande dame tea special.

My Rating: 9
Recommended Dish: Assorted Tea Sandwiches
Atmosphere: Cozy, quiet, and homey
Price Range: $10-$20 a person

117 West Main Street
Waynesboro, PA 17268

TranquiliTEA’s website

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8 Responses to TranquilaTEA (Waynesboro, PA)

  1. formaggio says:

    I haven’t been to Waynesboro in years. It’s a likeable town, but were I to have gone back there recently I would not have expected to find anything like this.
    For me Scentsate and a nice tea room don’t jibe with the horrific Civil War, but maybe that’s my problem.

  2. abby says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! This place looks awesome and the quality of your pictures is terrific. Thanks for sharing this on your post – looks like a
    nice addition to my list of places to go.
    Happy Birthday

  3. Steve says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Joan –

    I’m so behind on all my blog reading, sorry that I am late to the party. It sounds like you had a nice treat for your special day!


  4. Muzi Qiao says:

    Wow very lovely stuff<3

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