Le Bon Café in Penn Station


This is one of my favorite places to get salad. I used to go into the city with my dad from Jersey and we’d eat there every morning. Now I can go there whenever I want.

The salads are always fresh. They lay out the ingredients so you can see them and then they make you the salad. You have a lot of options: romaine lettuce, mixed greens, spinach, or iceberg lettuce. You can get a small or large salad with 4 to 6 toppings.

Prices are as follows:
Small with 4 toppings: $6.99
Small w. 6 toppings or large w. 4 toppings: $7.99
Large w. 6 toppings: $8.99

You’ll have a ton of toppings to choose from. They have black beans, lima beans, mango slices, feta cheese, blue cheese, broccoli, roasted red peppers, olives, berries, etc. And there’s a lot of dressings.


I’m a creature of habit, so I usually get the same thing. Small romaine salad with blue cheese, mango, black beans, and corn with raspberry vinaigrette.

They also serve breakfast food. You can sit in the back, which has a wide screen TV that’s usually playing news or ESPN. If you want you can order a cheap bottle of wine or a draft beer.


Best salads in Penn Station.

My Rating: 8.5
Atmosphere: duh
Price Range: $5-$12

1 Penn Plaza, Concourse Level
New York, NY 10119
Midtown West


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6 Responses to Le Bon Café in Penn Station

  1. formaggio says:

    Yes. You bet.
    Arriving in New York I don’t want to have something that will drag me down, so the Le Bon Café salads are perfect.
    Nice people, too.
    … I got an interesting CAPTCHA Code sequence of letters and a number. I never thought a CAPTCHA Code would make me think.

  2. formaggio says:

    Hello again.
    You mentioned in your reply to my comment under your previous posting that you are interested in the Civil War. Today is Lincoln’s birthday. A couple of hours ago I thought I would re-read Whitman’s Lincoln Elegy. What a wonderful poem. Whitman was set back by Lincoln’s death and his own experiences of the war, but he was able to write that poem.

  3. abby says:

    Nice post. As an occasional visitor to NYC this place is great!
    Very convenient, pleasant ambience and the salads are fresh and delicious.
    Very reasonable prices, too.
    The photo you’ve included is delightful – my mouth is watering in eager anticipation
    of my next visit! Thanks, Scentsate.

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