Cafeteria (Chelsea, NYC)


Cafeteria is an all-night restaurant in Chelsea. It’s trendy, well-known, and the food’s pretty good. Cafeteria is known for clever takes on contemporary American comfort food.

Everybody is hot. At around nine at night I was sitting between a well-dressed couple in their thirties and a bridge-and-tunnel looking couple in their 20s who were getting ready to go out. (Good luck getting a table between six and midnight, because it’s always packed.)

The lights are dim, the space is modern, and they play dance music. The service is decent. There’s a candle at every table and the menus have pictures of famous fashion designers and scenesters with their favorite Cafeteria dish listed.


Order the milkshake. Any flavor. Also get the buttermilk biscuits with sweet butter.


The veggie burger is a good choice too. You can get it wrapped in lettuce. It’s big but not absurd.

If you’re there before 5 pm, get the lemon ricotta pancakes. They’re the ones at the top of the page. They’re delicious.

Their cleverest dish is the deep fried Oreos. They’re coated in what tastes like funnel cake batter. It’s made to remind you of when you ate milk and cookies as a kid. It comes with a mini vanilla milkshake in a little milk jug with a striped straw. You also get a side of mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Some dishes are better than others, but it’s worth trying a bunch of them because they’re all pretty different. And have fun people-watching.

My Rating: 7.5
Recommended Dish: Deep Fried Oreos
Atmosphere: Do not compare self to others.
Price Range: $12-$35 per person

119 7th Ave
New York, NY 10011

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3 Responses to Cafeteria (Chelsea, NYC)

  1. formaggio says:

    Thanks for the tip. Sounds like a good one. … There’s no point in walking into a bad place in New York.
    Myself, I would probably be more interested in the food than the people, though.
    I like the writing style of this article. It’s also to the point. And great photos.

  2. abby says:

    Wow, that first dish looks awesome!
    thanks for review. A definite go and try this one!

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