Tubereuse Couture by Parfumerie Generale


I was going to write an in-depth associative review of Tubereuse Couture, but I want to stick to the point like the perfume does. You don’t usually find soliflores that are this on-point while also having a satisfying amount of depth.

Tubereuse Couture is an appropriately menthol-like rendition of the flower that you can feel comfortable with. It’s rich, buttery, and a touch animalic; the rough parts only make up about 20% of the effect. It’s like Pierre Guillaume measured out how much shock he could put into the fragrance while still making it comfortable for everyday use. The effect is ladylike and surprising. If Tubereuse Criminelle is too Tim Burton truck stop waitress for you, this is your best bet.

Tubereuse Couture has good sillage and staying power too.

Note List from Fragrantica: kalamanzi oil (calamondin), green jasmin shoots, ylang-ylang, sugar cane, indian tuberose, sumatra benzoin and papyrus

Perfumer: Pierre Guillaume
Price Range: Expensive
Recommended Occasion: Any
Release Year: 2009
My Rating: 8.5

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The Non-Blonde: I didn’t notice this part, but now that she mentions it TC does seem a little dessert-like.
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(Why does everyone think this one’s loud except for me?)

(Top picture from Fragrantica)

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3 Responses to Tubereuse Couture by Parfumerie Generale

  1. formaggio says:

    This is one of those perfumes that played a travelogue for me, in this case due to its exoticism.
    It’s possible that the perfume’s originality may give pause to some who seek out tuberose perfumes. I appreciate the bit on the sample package about the maker’s wish to avoid “standardised formats aimed at winning over vast numbers of consumers.” So I’d suggest to any select consumer that they try Tubereuse Couture.
    Once again I like the Scentsate observations, as well as the way they are presented.

  2. Melissa Pham says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’d like to try it. Hope to hear more from you.

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