Appalachian Collection

So my last project at Parsons is to design a collection and create a digital marketing plan. A lot of people used Instagram. And of course I used Scentsate. 🙂

My collection is based on the juxtaposition between nature and industry. It can be a pretty adversarial relationship, especially in West Virginia. First off, I chose some images to represent what my collection is about.

Harper's Ferry TrainA freight train crashing through the mountains in Harpers Ferry, WV.



There’s a good chance it’s carrying coal.


Sideling Hill, a sedimentary beauty on US Route 40 Scenic near Cumberland, MD.


Me on top of Maryland Heights looking down at Harpers Ferry.


Harper's Ferry Town

Downtown Harpers Ferry.


Someone’s backyard in Shepherdstown, WV. (I took this one.)


Shepherdstown train crossing in the snow. (I took this one too.)


Me camping with a friend.


Some metalwork by a talented local sculptor, Scott Cawood. (Took this one.)

I laid out a color story for my digital designs on Kaledo.


I took the colors from some of the images you see above. I named them after different things in Appalachia. I think the best names I came up with are Barrel-Aged Scotch, Iron Ore, Acid Rain, Andy Warhol Bridge (in Pittsburgh), Rhododendron (WV state flower), Verdigris (the wear on weathered copper; that’s why it turns teal!) and Chemical Spill (after last year’s chemical spill in Charleston.)

Here’s closeups of my prints.


Broken Stem Flowers. These are flowers on a vine, but some of them are broken. I wanted that to represent the detrimental impact that unregulated industry has on Appalachia’s natural landscape.


Here’s a knit that’s supposed to look like Sideling Hill.


This print represents acid rain.

Here’s some of my digital prints on sketches in different color schemes.






And here’s some hand-drawn designs.


And some older ones.

IMG_1047 IMG_1048

I’m so glad I went to Parsons. I learned a lot about craft, how to tell if an idea is a good one, how to market, and how to make my work more cohesive. I think all creative disciplines are related. These skills work for everything. I learned so much and I think I did a pretty good job!

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  1. formaggio says:

    Wonderful work, and a lot of it.
    Yes, cohesive.
    That last paragraph says much.
    Merry Christmas, by the way!

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