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Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent’s bomb Opium is one of the more controversial perfumes. Years after its release, in 2000, Opium was banned from China because of the opium trade connotations. (That’s interesting stuff: read about the Opium Wars here.) Opium also … Continue reading

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Knowing by Estee Lauder

(*Picture from Fragrantica) I’ve sampled Knowing many times, but I was never quite sure how to address it in a full review. I’ll just get to the point here, with even less frippery than usual. Perfumes: The Guide says that … Continue reading

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Felanilla by Parfumerie Generale

Felanilla is the second Parfumerie Generale scent I’ve tried. It’s much like

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Liliana by Tocca

Liliana is Tocca’s new fragrance, which they were kind enough to send to me. It’s designed to be a 1920’s throwback to an outgoing girl who goes to garden parties. They give every fragrance a woman’s name (usually a super-femmey … Continue reading

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Royal Vintage by M. Micallef

M. Micallef’s new men’s fragrance, Royal Vintage, is coming out this month. Micallef’s American distributor, Hypoluxe, was kind enough to send a sample for my review. Royal Vintage is a little on the old-fashioned side in tone, judging by the … Continue reading

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Rien by Etat Libre d’Orange

Perfume, in most people’s minds, is synonymous with softness and/or sexiness. Softness is big, plush aldehydes, juicy fruits, and gentle blossoms. Sexiness is throaty roses, sultry leathers, sweaty animalics, and raspy-voiced tobaccos. Perfumes seem to have veered more towards softness … Continue reading

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Dzing! by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Fernand Leger, “Acrobats at the Circus” 1918 Dzing!, judging from the lady in the red bikini riding the bucking tiger on the box, is supposed to smell like a circus. And it does. It’s circus notes from top to bottom, … Continue reading

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Tosca by Maurer and Wirtz

Some┬ávintage perfumes are still in existence┬ábecause they were the most luxurious thing your money could buy. Others, like Tosca, by the old German firm Maurer and Wirtz, are simply still around because someone thought they were the best drugstore deal. … Continue reading

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Ma Griffe by Carven

I hadn’t known anything about Ma Griffe until I found a bottle of it in my mom’s friend’s bathroom. Except that it was a classic old perfume, like L’Air du Temps. I hadn’t known that it had a reputation for … Continue reading

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Art Collection Vanille by Parfums M. Micallef

M. Micallef is a Grasse-based perfume house created in 1996 by a husband and wife team: artist and beauty specialist Martine Micallef and financial fragrance consultant Geoffrey Nejman. They specialize in private labels, the perfume version of haute couture, for … Continue reading

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