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Tubereuse Couture by Parfumerie Generale

I was going to write an in-depth associative review of Tubereuse Couture, but I want to stick to the point like the perfume does. You don’t usually find soliflores that are this on-point while also having a satisfying amount of … Continue reading

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L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain

Not burying the lede: the reason L’Heure Bleue is so fascinating is that it smells like dessert while also managing to be melancholy. The name means “the bluish hour,” which leads me to believe it was designed to be more … Continue reading

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Ambra di Venezia Parfum

I got a bottle of Ambra di Venezia parfum when I was 18, along with the lush matching lotion. I bought it in a store called Takashimaya. (Takashimaya is a Japanese luxury department store. There used to be one on … Continue reading

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Tuberosa by Profumum Roma

(Picture from Lucky Scent, which also gives an apt description of Tuberosa’s simple appeal.) I’ve had a lovely little roll-on sample of Tuberosa by Profumum Roma from Osswald in my perfume refrigerator for a while now. It looks like this: … Continue reading

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Phoenix Botanicals Night Bloom, Saffron Veil, Zephyr

Image from So I have three samples of the great new natural perfume line Phoenix Botanicals, courtesy of owner/perfumer Irina Adam at Sniffapalooza. Irina started her Etsy store in 2010, which also has skincare and lip balm. She worked … Continue reading

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Petit Fracas by Robert Piguet

Fracas has always been my favorite perfume, but it’s a heavy-duty bombshell. Petit Fracas is lighter and gives off a flirty vibe instead of a voluptuous vibe. It took a while for me to appreciate it because it doesn’t immediately … Continue reading

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Péché Cardinal in Images

As promised, here’s Péché Cardinal in images. I don’t see any anthropomorphism in it, like I do in Habanita, but I can get a visual picture. Péché Cardinal is based on a French dessert called Poires Belle Hélené, made of … Continue reading

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Péché Cardinal by Parfums MDCI

I went to Osswald looking for a perfume that I was sure I could wear all the time for the price. I hadn’t tried many of Parfums MDCIs offerings, but there they were in their unabashed, even kitschy neoclassicism, with the marble busts … Continue reading

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Cocoa Tuberose by Providence Perfume Company

I read about Cocoa Tuberose over at EauMG. I know there are plenty of notes that haven’t been paired together, but surprisingly I’d never thought of cocoa and tuberose. Tuberose is, of course, my favorite note of all time. The … Continue reading

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Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia

Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia is a classic, classy flower perfume. It’s wearable for anyone, anywhere, and is pretty enough to appease the ladies while sexy enough to appease the gentlemen. It opens up with the industrial ripeness of ylang. This … Continue reading

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