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A Minor by Code Deco

( Code Deco is a unique Singapore-based perfume company that started last year under perfumer and founder Gauri Garodia. She presented her jazz-based fragrance collection at Spring Fling Sniffapalooza. The concept is great: it’s such a hard thing to relate … Continue reading

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Histoires de Parfums 1899 Hemingway

(from Histoires de Parfums’ 1899 Hemingway has a concept that begs you to get involved: it’s based on the writer’s Mediterranean travels that, as respected by the copy on Histoires’ website, must have culminated in copious amounts of booze. … Continue reading

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PHI- Une Rose de Kandahar by Andy Tauer

Picture from Tauer Perfumes If any of you haven’t heard of Andy Tauer, you should learn about him. He’s famous in the perfume world for being completely self-taught and for having a really candid blog, which shows how his business … Continue reading

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Aoud by M. Micallef 10th Anniversary

(picture from Fragrantica) So it’s the 10th anniversary of M. Micallef’s perfume Aoud. Their American distributor, Hypoluxe’s Jeffrey Dame, sent me a sample. Aoud is one of Micallef’s bestsellers and a unique rendition of what’s often depicted as a rough … Continue reading

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Marni, the hip line known for knitwear and graphic prints, recently released its first perfume. Marni’s designer Consuelo Castiglioni told Women’s Wear Daily that “”The perfume reflects Marni’s fashion, certainly. Because it’s a perfume that’s quite individual, that doesn’t evoke … Continue reading

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Parfum Couture Denis Durand by M. Micallef

M. Micallef has teamed up with fashion designer Denis Durand to make a fragrance. Durand’s fashions are structural, and range from gorgeous, Grecian-style wearable: (*from YesiCannes) to not so much. (*from Cyril B) Don’t get me wrong. I love the … Continue reading

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Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent’s bomb Opium is one of the more controversial perfumes. Years after its release, in 2000, Opium was banned from China because of the opium trade connotations. (That’s interesting stuff: read about the Opium Wars here.) Opium also … Continue reading

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Ma Griffe by Carven

I hadn’t known anything about Ma Griffe until I found a bottle of it in my mom’s friend’s bathroom. Except that it was a classic old perfume, like L’Air du Temps. I hadn’t known that it had a reputation for … Continue reading

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Habit Rouge by Guerlain

*Picture from Fragrantica My dad has a bottle of Habit Rouge Eau de Toilette, and I always pick it up and smell it. Some perfumes (Dune) make me think, and others (Liaisons Dangereuses) make me feel, but Habit Rouge doesn’t … Continue reading

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Ambre Russe by Parfum d’Empire

*Picture from Fragrantica Many beautiful perfumes are an abstract combination of accords. But some gain their stature due to the opposite of balance: that is, by blasting one unsubtle note louder than anyone else dares to. Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris … Continue reading

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