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Phoenix Botanicals Night Bloom, Saffron Veil, Zephyr

Image from phoenixbotanicals.com. So I have three samples of the great new natural perfume line Phoenix Botanicals, courtesy of owner/perfumer Irina Adam at Sniffapalooza. Irina started her Etsy store in 2010, which also has skincare and lip balm. She worked … Continue reading

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Nightshade Garden by For Strange Women

(Jill McKeever from For Strange Women. Photo obtained from MysticMedusa. Check out the interview.) When I saw that a natural perfume company called For Strange Women was following me on Twitter, I requested a sample. Perfumer Jill McKeever quickly obliged, … Continue reading

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Moss Gown and Divine by Providence Perfume Company

(Picture from Providence Perfume Company’s website) Providence Perfume Company is becoming somewhat of a conceptual addition to the organic perfume genre. I posted my review of the clever Cocoa Tuberose not too long ago. Since Charna, the Fifi-award winning perfumer, … Continue reading

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Cocoa Tuberose by Providence Perfume Company

I read about Cocoa Tuberose over at EauMG. I know there are plenty of notes that haven’t been paired together, but surprisingly I’d never thought of cocoa and tuberose. Tuberose is, of course, my favorite note of all time. The … Continue reading

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Sexy Angelic by Honore des Pres

Sexy Angelic has no olfactory relation to the images it conjures. I know you want to visualize Victoria’s Secret’s Angels, but instead, think of this: ^ Adolph William Bouguereau, “A Soul Brought to Heaven” Honore des Pres is an 100% … Continue reading

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